Jul 29th 2017


DJ Shaz Kuiama will be taking a break from ELO for a bit but has something planned down the road. Lucky for the fans Wilbury Steve (Cough! Cough!) will carry forth with his show every weekend on WTYM TYME 102.9. (Wink!)


Speaking of Shaz. We just finished vocal sessions for This Year's WCWP Homecoming Weekend for The Latest Installation of ELO Forever to be streamed during The Graveyard Shift. 


A new 40th Anniversary Picture Disc Edition of ELO's Out Of The Blue will be released in September. You can pre-order it through https://store-us.jefflynneselo.com/.


Chris Ingram, Son of Dan Ingram will be Dgunboats' guest on WCWP on Aug 10h to talk about his first book about Musicradio 77 WABC.


I will be making a special guest appearance on DGunboats' Radio Eclectic Theater on WCWP in Long Island talking ELO and playing selected tracks between the chatter. It airs from 9pm to 11pm EST on WCWP 88.1 FM and streaming over http://www.wcwp.org


In Disney News: The Great Movie Ride over at Disney Hollywood Studios along with Ellen's Energy Adventure over at EPCOT are closing on Aug 13th to make way for all new attractions coming over the next four years.


More to come friends.


July 23 2017


During a StageIt show a few weeks ago, Thomas Walsh announced that Pugwash's new album will be entitled "Silverlake", and will be released in October via Lojinx in the UK.

A 7" "double A side" vinyl single of "A Perfect Summer" b/w "Better Than Nothing At All" will be released (tentatively as a very limited edition on "ice cream vinyl") sometime in August.

Thomas previewed a handful of tracks today acoustically, and his collaboration with Jason Falkner is going to be one to watch if this acoustic preview is any indication!

Dhani Harrison embarks on the next chapter of his life as he leaves behind The Group TheNewNo2 for a solo career starting with a new album called In/Pararell which has been described as his continuing road of being a Journeyman. The CD will be out on Oct 6th and the first single ALL ABOUT WAITING is currently on Youtube.

In Wilbury Steve news: I just finished a recording session with Shaz Kuiama for a special project to be streamed in October. More details to follow. Also a recording session with WCWP's DGunboats will be good to go on August 24th.



June 28 2017


Big Kahuna Rick is back and better than ever. Happy to have you back Boss Bro.

Jeff Lynne gave his fans promising news about Keyboardist Richard "Magic Fingers" Tandy while performing at Wembley Stadium in The UK. He is on the mend and will be back on the next leg of the tour.  Marcus Bryne is doing a great job filling in for him. :)

Cameras were filming the concert on June 24th so expect to see a Blu Ray/DVD by Year's End.

Bruce And Tamara Leonard will be back on WCWP tonight from 7pm - 9pm EST and Bernie Bernard will be on Thrusday night same time as Bruce and Tamara followed by Dgunboats Radio Ecelectic Theater from 9pm to 11pm EST. listen live on WCWP 88.1 FM if you live in New York or streaming on WCWP.Org.

Direct link: http://wcwp.liu.edu/beta/stream.php?stream=WCWPFM

Speaking of that I will be doing The Graveyard Shift again at WCWP's Homecoming Weekend with a very special guest all the way from he UK. Deails to come.

The new Anthology comic HARVEY HITS will be available from Joe Books and Casper The Friendly Ghost from American Mythology Comics will be out on July 5th.

More soon.


June 17 2017


Program Director Big Kahuna Rick (My Boss Bro) is in the hospital currently being treated for a few physical ailments. He's expected to return in a couple of weeks. Current shows will be available on Mixcloud and Archive.org in the intermin. New July shows will be streaming on WTYM when he returns.

Jeff Lynne's ELO will be touring very soon. His first stop was be at The Sheffeld Arena on June 21st in The UK. During the show he mentioned that his band mate Richard Tandy was not well but will return for the next tour.

Jeff also got a visit from Cliff Richard. Seems they were in the same studio rehearsing for their upcoming concerts in London.

Lynne was seen at an art exhibit posing with George Harrison's son Dhani to promote an expanded edition of The I ME MINE book about his father.

Prayers to Olivia Newton John who has been stricken with a second bout of Breast Cancer. She was produced back in 1980 by Jeff Lynne for the title track XANADU.

Farewell to Actor Adam West who played many roles over the years besides Batman. Burt Ward who played Robin in The 1966 TV series will continue to greet fans at conventions in his honor.



June 1 2017

Help my Sisters Bernie And Melissa out. They traveled all the way to be in Florida to live The Good Life and need to recover their expenses for the move here and start a business. Go to their GoFundMe site by  clicking here 



May 20 2017

WTYM TYME 102.9 returned to streaming May 8th so it's back to putting together the best show ever about ELO.

WCWP Alumni Jeffrey Jensen will be joining me on my next ELO show sometime in June. Hoping he'll be able to squeeze in the program into his very busy schedule.

The Original Version of ELO's Mr Blue Sky can be heard playing in the background of a action fight scene of Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie currently in the theaters. Baby Groot, an alien tree creature is dancing to the tune while Peter Quill and his other teamates shoot stuff up.

Gene Pierro of Hamilton Radio had been having some health issues recently so he will be on the program at a later date.

Sirius XM has started an All Beatles Channel on the net and for radio equipped for listening on cars, A review of this station will be written up after a Week's worth of listening. Since Jeff Lynne and Thomas Walsh are both beatlemaniacs some tunes from The 50th Anniversary of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band will be played in The 2nd Hour of ELO friends and Relatives on a future edition next month.

Thomas Walsh of Pugwash is currently in Los Angeles with Jason Falkner recording his first solo album in style. If you are one of his friends on Facebook check out the photos and videos he and his girl Katya Duft have been sharing with their fans. Suffice to say I am jealous but happy he is on his own now.

American Mythology Comics has bought the rights to Publish Casper The Friendly Ghost comics that will debut in May mixing in new stories true to the original concepts by Harvey Comics with classic tales thrown in.

More to follow.

April 15th 2017


Bernie Bernard formerly of WNEW-FM, WBAB, WCWP and a slew of other radio stations in New York and Long Island will be my co-host The First Weekend of May.

Congratulations to Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood for getting into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame which took place on Apr 7th 2017. While it's unfortunate that Richard Tandy and Bev Bevan could not make it to the event their fans were thinking of them. Jeff also donated his Les Paul guitar to The Museum for posterity.
This weekend's show has been rescheduled for Apr 22nd and will celebrate The Work of Jeff and Roy in the first hour and half of the second hour.

Thomas Walsh announced on Facebook that he will releasing the last batch of demos for the music loving public. You can find the link to order a copy here. Only 100 will be sent out.

The current shows in production will be posted as Mixcloud exclusives. WTYM is going down for maintenance from Apr 24th to May 8th.

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit made his debut in Disneyland Paris' 25th Anniversary Cavalcade Of Rare Characters Parade.

More to follow soon.

Mar 25 2017

Thomas Walsh has completed his Kickstarter campaign for his new solo album and has officially disbanded Pugwash to go in a different direction. He has the support of his former bandmates who have moved on to other projects of their own. Good fortune to all parties involved.

Bev Bevan formerly of ELO and ELO Part II will NOT be at The Rock And Roll Of Fame cdue to a prior commitement . He is grateful for the honor however and has given kudos to everyone involved during his tenure in The Electric Light Orchestra.

Another Warlock Radio Show is being planned for The Second week in April. More to follow soon.

Feb 14 2017

Thomas Walsh of Pugwash has started a donation drive on Kickstarter for his first ever solo album. His producer will be Singer/Songwriter Jason Faulkner formerly of Jellyfish. Incentives for donating include signs CDs to In House Solo Concerts in your home.

You can donate


Copyright registration forms will be filled out to make my original cartoon characters legit and will be used when I finally open up my Cafe Press store later this year. You can check out my template site here.


Feb 8 2017


Beatletraxs With Tony T & Kathy Van Tassell



Farewell to the best Beatles show ever to grace this Beatlemaniac's life. You've earned a long restful monetorium until you are reborn again!

 Thank you Tony and Kathy.

IN OTHER NEWS:  The Debut of My Co-Host Birdy Wilbury's new podcast show called THE INCONSISTENT ELECTRIC TOADSTOOL in March and The Return of another Beatles related show that will have you laughing in stiches and rocking out at the same time.

More details to come.


Feb 4 2017


From Nicholas Guilbert's ELODiscovery page: Roy Wood Formerly of ELO and Wizzard has told The Notthingham Post that "Some years ago I recorded a track with my old mate Jeff Lynne and I'm hoping to include it on a new compilation I'd like to put together at some point. I'm gonna put together some of the tracks I particularly like along with some unreleased songs."  Ergo: We may finally see an official release of "Me And You" and "Get What You Want" on CD.


Iain Hornal has a new album out called The Game Begins With Lights Out. You can purchase a copy at his site at https://hornal.tmstor.es/ in CD and Vinyl formats. As you may know he is currently in Jeff Lynne's ELO as a backup singer.

My next co-host for March will be Kim "The Original DGunboats" Brandner and in April you get a double dose of My Co-host Ken Michaels on Apr 1st and Apr 29th. Ken also does a Beatles Show called EVERY LITTLE THING.


Dec 30 2016


Happy Birthday to Maestro Jeff Lynne. The best singer/songwriter in The Universe. May he have a great one today with friends and family. :)


Work begins on my new experiment for the next TWILIGHT: THE MUSIC OF ELO AND MORE Edition on TYME 102.9 that will premiere on Jan 7th 2017.


Below is the schedule for the next few guests to appear every month.


More to come.


Dec 22 2016


I will be trying something different next year for my show on WTYM.org.  Beginning Jan 7th every first month I will be bringng in some of my close allies from other stations to co-host TWILIGHT THE MUSIC OF ELO AND MORE with me. They will select any six tunes of their choice to be played in the first or second hour in addition to reading any news item that will taken from my circle of friends in The ELO Community.


The first people to be involved will be Tony Traguardo and his wife Winifred Boyd from WCWP.Org. My Co-Host Birdy Wilbury will also take part in this experimental endeavor.


Other players to be featured will include Rich Appel, Jeffrey Jensen, Bernie Bernard, Kim "DGunboats" Brandner and Sister Sunshine Shirley with others to follow. By that time she will be recovered from her physical problems that cropped up this year.


From Nichols Guilbet's ELODiscovery page:


In related news: Congratulations goes to Jeff Lynne on being inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. It is a proud moment for his loyal fans who were allowed to vote on it along with other artists such as Journey, Joan Baez and Yes.

Jeff will join Roy Wood and Richard Tandy on stage to receive The Award at The Gala Event.

Former Drummer Bev Bevan will NOT be attending due to prior commitements. However a recent Rolling Stone article has suggested he may. You can find that here.


A new Smurfs movie will be shown in Theaters March 2017 and will focus on The Little Blue Heroes as they journey to discover the secret behind a hidden village they never knew about. According to Sony. This is all CGI and the story takes many cues from the comics Peyo created. In conjunction with the debut of this film Papercutz will release a new graphic novel THE SMURFS: THE VILLAGE BEHIND THE WALL featuring five stories with the main characters from the cinematic feature.


In Oswald The Lucky Rabbit news Writer David Bossert will be releasing a new book about Mickey's Brother entitled Oswald The Lucky Rabbit: The Search For The Lost Cartoons next year.  Be sure to reserve your copy when it becomes available.


All Disney Parks in Orlando, Florida will have Annual Passholder only entrances to reduce crowd congestion beginning in January 2017. Hopefully this will be a permanent solution.


More to follow as the time draws near.