Another Station-Another Situation

Another Station - Another Situation

I neglected to mention that when JB was still kicking it had joined up with another outlet known as Live365, an up and coming Internet Radio streaming service for a nominal fee.

I've never been a believer that ratings by itself should be a factor in keeping a radio station fresh but the numbers were pretty decent. We pulled in areas all over the world who tuned in for a spell.

After JB 102.9 FM went off the air for about a year or two. I decided to do my show as a solo act through Shoutcast once again. But this was done sparingly as I was knee deep in concurring projects that had nothing to do with Radio. A little later though I was asked by Rick to join up with another station he created called WHBO. This started out as a Gospel music station but wasn't everybody's cup of tea. Depending on your point of view you either like the positive spiritual aspect or you just didn't understand what the messages were suppose to mean.

I say this from having heard Religious stations in the past on AM that approached The Good Book with zealous fanatisim. The kind that The Jerry Falwells and Jimmy Swaggarts would use as a platform for distorting what the passages and scriptures meant. That sort of propaganda chills me to the bone in more ways than I count.

Later on though it switched to specialty programming. This however didn't necessarily fly with our audience back then. Rocky Rabbit was doing his bit playing tons of Eddie Rabbit while I was still doing my free formatted one that went just about everywhere. Other characters such as Reach N Feelmore (A dig on Regis Philbin) and a drunk janitor named Bo made the rounds during this short lived era.

It was very brief due to my boss getting a Cease and Desist letter in the mail. Apparently there was an actual station up North known as WHBO. So another set of call letters were chosen. In a few months time The Big 88 WTYM would debut. Unfortunately one of our own would take a leave of absence after a few months. Rocky Rabbit had his fill of the radio thing and was persuing other endeavors. So another opening came up. It would be a year before my role extended to bringing in new voices to our cause. But that's for another chapter in itself.


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