THE JB 102.9 FM Years

It turned out that I came in at the right time to do my thing for this newly fledged internet station that was going to fill the void of what Real Radio was lacking. A sense that you were listening to something bigger than yourself. A new era was emerging.

A plan was devised by my new boss and Program Director Rick D. to bring about a sense of fellowship that would celebrate the virtues of the musical past from The 50's and 60's along with his good friend Rocky Rabbit. It is The 50's music that was most prevailent at the time when I initially heard it. A lot of these early pioneers of Rock And Roll were mostly African Americans who came from New Orleans and other parts of The Deep South. It was the genesis of fusing funky jazz sounds with a more uptempo beat that got the world swinging and swaying. Artists such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Fats Domino among many others were the true creators of this new sound.

However some singers and doo wop groups were inexperienced financially when it came to dealing with shady fly by night record companies that left them broke or without the rights to their own songs. Then of course Elvis and Bill Haley and The Comets took it one step further and The Rock and Roll Music Industry was born.

Then on another night I heard songs I hadn't heard in years from The 70's. Clearly this station had the potential to be something big but more importantly make a difference.

When I arrived on the scene I had a workload of four days to prepare shows for JB 102.9 and I went out of my way to make each one different and unusual. One of the more interesting shows I did do featured  Japanese Anime music from Excel Saga and  a computer singing Tom Petty's Free Fallin' known as The Moog Cookbook. It was my way of showing just how nuts I really was and it worked. At least I thought so anyway. Admittably these early shows were done under duress which would prove to be near fatal for me later on. But for the moment I was experimenting with new concepts and I was having a ball doing it. I felt I was doing something good and my outlook couldn't have been better at that time.

However I chose to not let too many of my friends know about it. Especially a lot of them from WCWP who wouldn't get what I was trying to do.Up until my involvement as supporter of the college station in The 80's I figured my only role was to get in a request and be content with that. That would change years later as you will see.

I was given  the status of Official Alumni  in 2000 because I was always loyal to their station up until the beginning of its near collapse under a new school board. From the outside looking in a lot of these folks were high up in the food chain who were disgruntled by the changing medium themselves.  They had to suck it in knowing full well that anything they'd say would get them fired. While perfectly understood from that point of view, it only made me feel that they had let themselves drift away from the teachings they got from Post all those years ago. It was fine and dandy to make all that money, but what use was it if you couldn't even make good on the promises you made back when you were down on your luck. I knew some of them from off the air. The others were new to me and I wanted to show I wasn't a threat to them as a listener and could be a good trooper as well. To do that I had to remind them that everybody makes a difference in their own way. Unfortunately it is the listener who is never believed in when it comes to these sort of things.While I didn't see myself as being a prophet, I had a feeling that things were going to get worse over time.

I shouldn't have tried so hard because I learned that some of them have known what I knew was going to happen a few years down the road. They have to be prepared for the day when the funds to support WCWP will dry up completely through the bureaucracy that came about in The 90's. There are current plans to diffuse the problem but I wonder if it will be enough. For some it probably won't hit them until it hits them. Then a decision will have to be taken. Give up or move beyond WCWP as I did. We'll see. Footnote: After 20 years being involved with a Network based out of Southern Connecticut and Long Island's East End. WCWP is now once again an Independent Radio Station of CW Post Campus at LIU (Long Island University).

How does that relate to my story?

Over time I did tell a few of the alumni such as Bill Mozer and Tony Traguardo who encouraged my choice to do what I wanted to do. I would get even more support from a group of deejays who would give me back my self respect after being disillusioned by many deejays who were too self involved in their own situations to bother with mine and other listeners. This will be addressed a few pages later.

The deejays at were exactly who I wanted to hear on the air. And over the last ten years I've been inspired by their dedication and chutzpah of doing Radio the way it should be done. It is to Sean Vesley, Rick Hall, Bobby C. Dave Morgan and especially Diana Lynn for helping regain my sense of purpose and  have some faith in the broadcasting industry again and encouraging me to take a chance.

Times were high and well.until I was informed by my boss now known as Rick The Big Kahuna that JB 102.9 FM would go off the air due to his being in the red. Even though the station was going away I came away from the opportunity furfilling my wish to do what I set out to do. And for that moment it was good enough for me.

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