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   How A Little Birdy Got Me Into This Fine Mess OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT

Where to begin...

During The Mid Summer of 2001 a friend of mine in Tampa decided that he wasn't going to be a pawn to any station that only valued him as a means to an ends. He found that a lot of stations he listened to were all cut from the same mold playing the same tracks over and over and over again. Not his idea of a good time.Although he is known by many names, (Some which I've called him and will not mention here) his monkier is that of Birdy.

He started his own station through Shoutcast as a way to vent out his frustration at a medium that wasn't giving him what he needed - variety.

Birdy created a show called Beatles Forever which was an homage to an unreleased tune by ELO . He also modeled his program after a show we both use to hear on a college station back in New York called Beatletraxs. (I wrote the show title that way to give it some flair but I digress) The series hosted by Tony Traguardo and Kathy Van Tassell was unique because they didn't just play the standard Beatles stuff. They played everything - From Bootlegs to cover versions done by other artists who dug The Fab Four. Birdy Wilbury as he dubbed himself went ahead and played a lot of the more obscure cover version ditties by groups such as Crosby Stills And Nash who loved the work of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr. Seeing how he had a good time doing it I decided to give it a go myself a year later.

The trigger that caused it to occur? Orlando station WMMO was not willing to promote The Electric Light Orchestra's album Zoom back in 2001.And they were an album oriented rock station no less. If Birdy had his issues with Radio, I had it tenfold. For all that Radio is and was - the backbone of the industry was and still is in more trouble than anyone in it could possibly imagine. Instead of improving what was already there, Deregulation brought about mergers with Megacorporations Infinity Broadcasting and Clear Channel to oversee and oftimes destroy the local stations' independent policies. Deejays' creative juices were hampered by regulations and the need to make money, more than they could ever need. There didn't seem to be a voice for the people and most jocks were being lazy about it. I was incensed by all of it and it prompted me to take matters into my own hands.

I began streaming over the net through Shoutcast doing a show that wasn't what you would call traditional by any sense of the word. I experimented with a lot of ideas at first running short test shows to get an idea of how to present it. I drew a lot of inspiration from a lot of New York Album Oriented rock stations that were very popular in the 70's and 80's. Also influences from Long Island University's WCWP became a big part of what I would do later as my show progressed.

The moniker was again given by my buddy Birdy. He called it Warlock Radio in honor of my toon alter ego Steven W. Warlock who is everything a rebel should be. That's how I've approached the format. It became a free for all style which incorporated oldies, obscure tunes, very psychedelic stuff, show tunes, old time radio, audio from movies and tv shows and cartoon drop ins and social commentary. Generally I keep it light, fluffy and not too serious. But I'm Nobody's fool. If I have something important to say I'll say it with no apologies unless it's called for. I approach what I do as a hobby and it gives me the opportunity to show what broadcasting should be all about.

One night Birdy told me he knew someone who was looking for another deejay who left due to creative differences. Being a name dropper this person tuned into my show and he loved it. Some time later I became one of the first pioneers to be involved in Internet broadcasting over a wide scale.

Thus a new alter ego was born - Wilbury Steve doing a little bit called Warlock Radio, a show for the thinking impaired on a station known as JB 102.9 FM.

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