By Steven Acevedo

It was a while before I finally stopped listening
to BJ's old radio shows on WMZC. I looked around to
find he had left without telling me...again. But
perhaps I may have finally gotten him to see
reason from my little speech to him so his
departure was fine by me.

Imagine that. A radio personality coming all this
way to see me after our rift during these last ten years.
It's probably the second best thing that's ever happen to
me. The first was seeing all four Monkees working together
as a team again after thirty years.

Perhaps this is the start of a real friendsship between us
after all. I sleep tonight with the knowledge knowing I
changed things for the better.

The next morning I wake up feeling good about the day
at large. The sun finally peeks out after months of rain
down here. I decide to relax by turning on some music
to make my day even more pleasant. I tune into an oldies
station to hear my new favorite deejay on the air, Rockin'

"Ladies and Gentleman, I will be moving to a different
time slot as of next week. There will be
some changes made in the line up as KOOL 101.5
welcomes BJ Malloy to the morning crew. He used
to be a super cool deejay at The Lamented 99 WMZC
and took a really lousy job doing straight out talk
in New Jersey. But now he's back and better than
ever. So let's welcome our newest star to KOOL
101.5 - BJ MALLOY."

"Thanks for stopping by, M'man!" Randy says
cheerfully to BJ.

"Where have you been for the last ten years?"

"Well, I spent the last ten years doing talk radio.
Every day was like a new adventure when I went on
the air. I liked doing it because it gave me the
chance to be someone totally different. If I
may say so you guys could do a little of that
here at your station."

"Oh, BJ. No! Don't blow this gig," I thought to
myself. I had failed again. Well, it looks like
I can count this as another big blunder in our
relationship as friends.

"That's a good idea," Randy said.

"But let's make it lighthearted stuff, OK?
After all, We are here to entertain people
not drag our listeners down with the worries
of the world. We have to be there for them
as friends not just when our ratings are at

"We are a nation trying too hard to be intellectually
advanced. We gotta give our fans - our real friends
the ability to laugh and smile again. To give them
some semblance of hope in a hopeless time
like this one," he said to Randy.

"Right on, brother. And to prove it let's play The
Monkees newest song called IT'S NOT TOO LATE.
They wrote and sang it on their new cd JUSTUS
themselves.Hope you enjoy this one folks," Randy said.

I smiled for the first time in a long long time.
It was a honest to goodness grin of satisfaction.
Then I heard the phone ring in my room.


"Hi, Old friend. How'd I do?"

"Doesn't matter what I think. How do you feel BJ?"

"Like I belong somehow. There's no greater
joy than to hear listeners - friends praise you
for your work. I thought I had lost a part of
myself and went searching for it but instead I
found out I couldn't be my old self again.
So I'm starting over fresh."

"So what are you going to do now?" I

"Do what I do best, my best friend. Play the hits
and keep 'em smiling and laughing till the end."

Created on 31-Aug-1999 at 12:22:56