My Erstwhile Friend Is A Deejay: Part Four
By Steven Acevedo

It's very hard to imagine a man like BJ acting
"normally." I could imagine it but it didn't register
in my head. If anything he was far from being a
"regular guy". I need not tell you that he made
a difference in my life in a way even I don't
understand. I just wish he really understood
the kind of impact he leaves on people.

Though I really shouldn't chastise him for his
good intentions, there are times when he
tries too hard to do the right thing. I believe
Mallory Keaton said it best about her brother
Alex on Family Ties. He's not good with emotions
but is better with facts and figures and looks for
a logical way out of a problem. This is all well and
fine for a person who has all the right solutions.
I'm none of these things. In fact I'm even less.

I gave up on the notion of trying to understand how
life works and have given into the idea that life
is a lot like dog droppings. You step into it and you
can't make the smell go away from your shoes.

All the positive thinking in the world will never
compensate for what I lost long ago. BJ should
suffer for his inability to understand somebody like
me. His blase attitude has done more harm than he
realizes. But I could never wish such a thing even
on my worst enemy. He's kind of like Buzz Lightyear
from Toy Story. Wants to go to infinity and beyond but
can't even fly out a window to get there.

I decide on all days to call him a few days before
Christmas just to say Hi and rap with him for a
few minutes. That will cheer me up a bit since this
holiday season is turning out to be less satisfactory
than the last one.

I let the phone ring for a few minutes and then a woman
picks up the phone.

"WFUN 101.9 FM, May I help you?"

"Yes. Is Mr. BJ Malloy in today?"

"Oh, He's not with us anymore."


"I'm sorry," she said to me.

After politely saying Good Bye and I hang up
the phone. Suffice to say I'm very depressed
and shocked by the news. I don't like
unexpected surprises.

To be continued...

Created on 31-Aug-1999 at 12:21:01