My Erstwhile Friend Is A Deejay Part Three
By Steven Acevedo

I've come to an understanding of who BJ is. He wants to be
considered as a regular guy. This is well and good for
someone whose life is plain and ordinary like mine.
I do have my moments though. From BJ I seem
to get a sense of kinship from him that I believe
had existed before I was born. I had a dream a long time
ago that his ancestor and mine were friends in a former
life and we worked on a sailing boat in The Early 1800's.
He looked about the way I picture him now. Short
blond hair and a moustache. Taller than me but
had a big heart to give. He seemed more open
to ideas of the future as my ancestor was. Of course
this was only a dream and bore no resemblance
to my current situation with his descendent.

Though one thing puzzles me though. What
gives BJ the impression that he knows me somehow?
He had mentioned once in a letter or two that he felt like
he knew me somehow or knew somebody like me.
"Curiouser and curiouser," Alice once said.

In any case the situation with him and I is very confusing
at best. I always used to expect him to be the life of the
party. Now he's too cool and collective and that disturbs me.
I don't hate him for it. I just wish he'd let himself go
like he used to. Since WMZC ended, his whole personality
has been scrambled. I'm very sure some of his listeners
feel the same way.

Even now I'm not certain if we are friends. BJ certainly
hasn't told me if we are or not. I've had better luck with
other people than with him. What do I have to do to get him to
understand me better? I don't want him making up
alibis just because he wants his life private. I don't
care what goes on so long as I can share it with him.

I'm very uncomfortable with the way this relationship
is turning out. I've made an effort to trust him but
not completely. He'd have to do something that
would make me believe he was my friend. Nothing
highly heroic like stopping a train or saving someone
from a burning building. Just a little thing to make me

There's more to being a hero than great deeds.
BJ seems to have forgotten that.

To be continued...

Created on 31-Aug-1999 at 12:20:33