My Erstwhile Friend Is A Deejay Part Two
By Steven Acevedo

It is now 1996 and I've moved away from The Big Apple
to Florida. I did it mainly to get away from all the bad
memories I left behind after my favorite radio
station "died." That was very hard to take. Anyone
who says to me "It's just Radio." has no idea how
important it really is yet they abuse the privilege
to be on the air as if it means nothing but only
making money. Many radio personalities have
forgotten what their jobs entail and they treat
their listeners as only canon fodder.

BJ was one of the best but he had a problem. A
problem even he couldn't see for himself. He
was overcompensating in his job. He has a
loving wife, a son and a daughter to support.
He wasn't allowing himself the luxury to
have fun in his work. BJ would scan the papers
for topics and lob them at the audience a
mile a minute. One week he got on Teachers'
raises and the next he was talking Government
spending. Really heavy stuff for a man who was
suppose to take the fans' troubles away.

I had it out wirth him a couple of times over
the matter before I moved here. His attitude lately
has been less than stellar to say the least. He
really didn't want to go back to the format he
did before at WMZC. BJ wanted to be more
than just a happy radio personality who could
cheer somebody up, he wanted to make a difference
in other ways. Lofty ones at best.

Of course my words had no affect on him.
The one trait I have noticed since knowing him
is he could be incredibly stubborn when he
chose to be. This made my arguement pretty moot
and insubstanial to him. I often wonder if this was
the way he treated everyone. I once had asked him
to send me one of his shows on tape but he said he couldn't
due to copyright laws. He refused me on the basis of the law
itself. Isn't there such a thing as loopholes in laws
like that?

My friend, The deejay is a stranger now.

Somebody I thought I knew but really don't anymore.
We had a rapport so intimate that I could taste it. After
WMZC's demise that all ended. Now he's an erstwhile friend.
A person who knew when to be my friend and when not to.
It was when BJ couldn't that made me sad. I was reaching out
to him but he couldn't. As if he didn't need anything other
than his job and his family. Those were his saving graces.

Who would be my saving grace in a world gone wrong?

To be continued....

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