Sometimes having family comes from the moment of sadness and disillusionment can really change things around for you. I was in a really bad place before coming to Florida. Then in 1996 I had my first taste of Internet Radio when I eventually came here. It was dubbed Metro Radio at the time of its inception. You can find out more about that here.

Then a few years later came another station that spun out of it called Muzicradio.com that reignited my passion for Radio with deejays such as Speedy Sean Vesley, Harry Hepcat and Diamond Dave Morgan. It was known as Wackradio.

In came Rick Hall who gave me a reason to smile again. His wit and charm and stax of wax won me over in no time. Then he got hitched to the lovely Diana Lynn who did her Country Connection Show every now and then. Two great tastes were better than one so low and behold The Rock And Country Show was born down the road.

They carried me through another devastating period in 2005 when I lost my way once more. It's by their grace that I got through that period with their show on the net. It inspired me to try my hand at streaming over the net too. My hobby was discovered by a friend Birdy Wilbury knew.

My thanks to Rick and Diana, Bobby C, Diamond "Brother Dave" Morgan and especially Speedy Sean for believing in me.