Was just thinking about Kevin Jeffries who was on WCWP for many years. His inspiration to me cemented the foundation of my part at Post for years to come. I adopted him as my Uncle. The music he played was superb and fun to listen to as was his Slice Of Life Stories that made me think and laugh at the same time.

Dear Diary by The Moody Blues always reminds me of when he played it on a Post Homecoming Show back in The Late 80's. It just stuck with me for a long time. I wanted to call him the night I first heard him in 1987 to give him some positive encouragement but my phone line was out that weekend. Turns out it wasn't even plugged into the wall jack.

I always seem to know how guys like him feel just by listening to their voices. I sensed that he had a lot of demons living in his head and he could never break free of them. Still Kevin had a gentle heart and only opened up when he felt like it. Tough facade - Sweet soul underneath. From others in the family I learned how he had a sense of adventure such as wanting to go into spooky old houses.

A year later I did call and he was happy I did. Then a few years later at Post we met. He appreciated the thought of me coming all the way to WCWP just to see him and everyone else.

Kevin sent me pictures of him and his daughters and I sent him my latest work. He even sent me a Christmas postcard he drew himself.

I had a dream about Kevin a few nights after he passed away. He was at an aiport getting on an airplane headed for "Another place" and the last thing he did was hug me. It was his parting gift to me for being his friend all the those years ago. Something I believe he never allowed himself to do in his mortal life.

Every now and then I feel his presence whenever I think of him.

The last time was during my part in The 50th Anniversary of WCWP in 2014.

Bless you Uncle Kevin. I love you.