Short Essays and Thoughts

An Essay on The Role of The Transformers
The End Of One Thing Is The Beginning Of Something Else
What I Want Out Of The New Comics from Bench Press
Beast Machines: My Thoughts
The Role Of The Transformers Fan
Nitpickers Of The Transformers Universe
A Second Transformers Movie? Mybe
Cybertron's Great Disgrace
Transformers In CGI: It's Been Done
ATT: Disharmony, Politics And Choas!
Voice Actors And Their Impact On Fans
A Dream Wave Come True
Transformers: Human Prejuidice
The Fragile Relationship Between Hasbro And The Fans
Transformers Armada Toon Review
Being A Transfan: The Good, Bad And The Very Ugly
Peter Cullen: Hero For The Ages


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