Freddy Freeman was always forgetting things. If he started doing one thing and went to do something else he forget to finish the first task he started. Freddy was one of those people who thought he could do it all. "An overachiever trying to have the best of everything," a cohort of his once said to me. He never stopped to take a breath.

One day not too long ago Freddie had been given the assignment to do a party gig at a Rich Socialite's home in a very posh neighborhood. It was the kind of opportunity he wanted to do all his life. If this job was successful it would put him in great standing with the millionaires of the day.

As he was mulling over his dream job Freddie got a call from his sister Frannie asking him for a favor. She wanted him to spin some albums for a birthday party at an orphange on the other side of town. He said he'd do it as he truly did love children. And the one person he loved more than anyone was a sweet little girl named Cindy.

"I'll be there, " he told her and then went back to his job of construction work. The next night Freddie was decked out in white hat and tails all ready to go the party of a lifetime. And what a party it was. The food was delicious and the greatest movers and shakers were on the dance floor as Freddie spun the tunes. Most of the albums he brought in were either Hip-Hop or Rap. Both of which he hated with a zeal. But he was commisioned to do the job and he did it all with a smile on his face. A very sad kind of smile.

After the party was over he went home satisfied he had done a good job and received a fat bonus for his efforts. The hosts had wanted him to be their official house party deejay from now on. Freddie had accepted the offer. He was finally on the top.

When he got home he decided to hit the shower. Getting his phone messages he stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the voice of his sister bellowing out. "YOU UNRELIABLE JERK!!! WHERE ARE YOU??? YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE HERE AT 7:30PM FOR CINDY'S BIRTHDAY PARTY I BOOKED FOR YOU!!!"

Damn! Freddie forgot about the orphange.

Rushing out he grabbed for the first few albums he had put away and went straight for the orphange.

Arriving at 8:30pm he saw his sister standing on the street looking incredibly peeved. He winced when she began scolding him.


From the doorsteps leading to the building stood Little Cindy. "Uncle Freddie, Why didn't you want to come to my party?" she asked plaintively. All he could do was give her a very sad look. "I had to do something. I'm....sorry," he told her. Looking at Freddie possibly for the last time, Cindy just stared at him giving him a dissapointed look. Then turning around she walked back into the house. Frannie gave him an icy look and then stormed off in a huff as well to her car.

The street was silent and he was alone. Freddie really blew it big time and with the people he loved more than life itself.

The trip back was a lonely one for Freddie. He hadn't realize the consequences of not keeping his word. He tried to do too many things at once and in the process it all got out of control. Right now none of that matter to him. All he wanted was to be forgiven for letting Cindy and Frannie down.

The next day he went to the orphange to see Cindy. Today he promised he would spend the whole day with her. After picking her up he and her went to the park.

"You want a Hot Dog, Cindy?" Freddie asked. His face lit up when she saw her shaking her head up and down and smiling. After paying for the franks they sat by the riverbank and watched the ducks in the water.

"I'm having a good time, Uncle Fred," she said as she leaned her tiny head on his right shoulder. "Me too," he replied. "So you are not mad at me for not coming to the party?" "Well, No. Not really. But why? You made a promise to your sister that you'd come." "I..." He had to treat this moment delicately. One wrong word could send her crying. "I had something else to do, honey. I want to be as famous as The Van Dukes. That's who I was seeing yesterday night." "Was it important to you?" "At the time it was. I did a dumb thing. I forgot about your birthday for the very first time. And that's one thing I should never forget. I got so caught up in wanting to look good for the party that I didn't think how you'd feel. I'm sorry. I really am," Freedie said stroking her golden hair softly. "Can you take me to the movies tonight, Uncle Fred?" "Anyhing for you, sweetheart."

Just then The Van Dukes were walking in the park and they saw him sitting with Little Cindy.

"That was quite a show you put on last night, M'Boy," The older gentleman said to Freddie. "Do you think you can do it again tonight?" "Would I? I'd love to do it." But as he reached to give out his business card he saw Cindy looking a litle sad. "I'm sorry. I can't tonight or any other night," he said to The Elder Van Duke. "You see I have a terrible memory. I'm always forgetting things, even forgetting people who care about me. So if it's all the same to you I'm going to have to turn you down." "Well, Then the contract I gave you is null and void now. But make no mistake Mr. Freeman, you will not be forgotten," Mr. Van Dukes said. "Yes, I suppose you are right, " Freddie smiled. "Especially if you have friends to help you remember where your roots lie and why you should make a difference."

With that Freddie scooped up Cindy and went to the movies. It was one night she never forgot either. And neither did Freddie.

Dedicated To Ed Newlands

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