Disclaimer: All works herein are copyright 1996 and beyond.

I decided to split this page into two sections to reduce clutter. Here you will find most of my written works. I don't consider myself any better or any worse than a professional writer looking for a buck or two. These were inspired from events in my life in one way another. Some are sad, other are more uplifting but all of them a little element of the media in them as watching tv shows and listening to Radio shows are a big part of my life. The poems can be found here if you click the banner below.


Radio Tales

Most of the stories below were inspired by real life broadcasters on the net. Any similarities implied are without malice unless specificed. I never stay mad at anyone I admire unless I want to. These are here for entertainment value only.

The Forgetful Deejay A disc jockey named Freddie Freeman forgets one thing too many.

Even The Smartest Of Men BJ Malloy reflects on his recent image change and comes to a conclusion about the relationship between himself and the fans who adore him.

My Erstwhile Friend Is A Deejay

Inspired from a fallout I had with a deejay in New Jersey: A disc jockey decides to change his image but not everyone is happy about it.

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Broadcasting Massacre - The unthinkable happens when a shock jock raises the ire of a former fan's mother.

The Final Straw - The ten part story has been revised with some spelling errors corrected. After The Death of DJ Zack by a vengeful mother. All radio broadcasters go into hiding. Two dare to come out to try to piece together the shattered lives left in The wake of The Great Broadcasters Massacre. Can Speedy and Ed save the future of Radio or will they make it worse than before?

My Friend The Woolyburger

The Woolyburger Who Came To Dinner And Never Left The Origin of how WMCA's Gary Stevens met The Legendary Woolyburger - and wish he hadn't.
Babysitting The Wooleyburger Gary Stevens leaves Wooly in care of a fan getting ready for a reunion picnic - and the fan wishes Gary hadn't.

One Shot Stories

One Day You Will Call Me Brother - Inspired by a tale from The DC/Vertigo comic The Sandman. A broadcaster who takes his fans for granted learns a valuable lesson about treating them better through a chance encounter with a stranger.

Last Drunk Standing - A story about the welfare of an alcoholic deejay.

A Legend Remembered - A disillusioned deejay turned talk show host at a former rock station laments the passing of a long ago station that meant something to him.

Prodigal Broadcaster - A deejay learns a very hard lesson about the price you pay for rushing into success quickly.

 Of One Mind - A listener and broadcaster make a pact to unite as one. But one of them will have to make the supreme sacrifice. Inspired by The Japanese Anime GHOST IN THE SHELL and a poem I wrote called OUTSIDE THE CIRCLE. (See above!)

 To Save A Dream - Inspired by recent events: A day at the happiest park in the world has every fan choosing sides on its future survival. How far will they go to preserve their childhood?

Speaking Of Friendships  - Reestabling old ties can be hard but not as difficult as Jack The Jock thinks.


Stories From The Boob Tube

Will And Grace: Mike's Blessing - Will Truman looks back on the life he made with his Husband Vince D'Angelo. He drifts off to sleep and dreams of a past life with a very important message from an old flame.