DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in these topics may not express those of the general fandom at large. This is one admirer's takre on the whole thing.


This section of my pages will look into how and why certain events for the lives of all ELO members happen the way they have and how it has affected the fans passion for the group they love.

Let it not be said we all think the same way. Spoiled as this fandom is, there is the presumption that the right combination of the group automatically brings the exact same results flawlessly.

To make it clear barring the mainstay members, ELO has never had any studio musicians playing in the band for longer than two to four years. The same rules apply to what its function was pertaining to the concept it started with - "Picking up where The Beatles left off." John Lennon praise them for taking on the challenge. Easier said than done.

The ELO sound never stayed in one spot for long either. There was an essence of Jazz in The Beginning years because of Roy Wood who went on to make his own group Wizzard. That was his ELO. There were Country riffs and 40 piece orchestras flourished in the mix later on when Jeff took over the mantle started by both of them.

There are only so many ways to bring in an orchestra without having to time everything to match the guitars that would accompany the strings. To Jeff the whole process felt move like a labor than a joy down the road. It did teach him about structure though which was important. Jeff doesn't read music yet he can envision the medley running in his head so he knows what works and what doesn't.

These and other subjects will be put into this section as a means for fans to get them thinking about the bigger picture at large. What we all can agree on is no matter which we way we listen to Jeff Lynne and The Electric Orchestra as seperate individuals or as a whole group. The music is all that matters in the end.