Hailing originally from The Bronx, NY. I got the bug for Radio at The Age of 7 and
listened to a lot of stations including 77 WABC, 66 WNBC, WNEW-FM and of
course College Station WCWP-FM. It was the last station that gave me a
foundation and family for life as I gained Alumni status and was among the many
who helped reignite their identity and independence when they found themselves in
a bad situation.

Moving down to Florida opened a lot of doors for me. Adventure awaited me at
Disney World and also getting into Radio Internet Streaming when the local
stations weren't giving me the music I craved for. Then out of the blue in 2001 Big
Kahuna Rick then known as DJ Rockin' Rick offered me a spot to join his station
JB 102.9 which had gone through many formats and call letters then finally
settling on TYME 102.9 WTYM.

He wanted me to do a speciality show dedicated to ELO that was inspired by a
friend in The UK who did the same thing. The title had to be unique since most of
the usual ones were already taken. So TWILIGHT: THE MUSIC OF ELO AND
MORE was born.

You can hear it every Saturday Morning from 7am to 9am EST over the net at