This section will be devoted to most of the stories I have up currently at The direct link at the page I have there is , As a rule I never take anything seriously about the ride or story itself and enjoy it for what it is and what might have been. The movie for all intents and purposes is not part of my version of the mansion and its inhabitants.

There will crossovers with familar characters inside and out of Disney territory and a generous helping of self depravating humor throw in. So enjoy reading, Fellow Friends and fiends.

And lest I forget: The Haunted Mansion is the creation of the many Imagineers at Disneyland and Disney World. I give thanks to them for giving me a place to visit at the park and get inspiration from. All others guest characters belong to their soul creators. I'm just borrowing them for these stories. Steven W. Warlock and Frankiestein are Swarlock Productions creations.

Madam Leota's Revenge - A scoffer of The Supernatural visiting Walt Disney World gets to meet Madam Leota - and she has plans for him. (Footnote: This was written before the recent Haunted Mansion movie)

The Clock Tolled Thirteen - What happens when you take something out of the mansion and wish you hadn't.

Tales Of The Haunted Mansion: Spirited Bodies - A meditation chant goes wrong and five frazzled friends are caught in the clutches of Little Leota in The Haunted Mansion.

Tales Of The Haunted Mansion: Two Men A Baby And 999 Ghosts - Will and Vince  from Will And Grace take a trip to Disney World. In Liberty Square they lose Baby Ben while arguing. Meanwhile he's gone exploring in The Haunted Mansion. Footnote: This was written a month after the tv series went off the air in May 2006.

Happy Hallowishes - It's a night for Halloween Tricks and Treats. Only The Three Hitchhiking Ghosts aren't the ones doing it.

Spirited Bodies: The Haunted Mansion Comic Strip - A comic strip version of my third Haunted Mansion fan fiction tale inspired by The Beatles cartoon episode GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE featuring some of my friends from CW POST.

Time For A Groovy Haunted Mansion Get Together - Frankiestein the half breed vampire puts his foot in his fangs when he insults The Singing Minstrels at The Haunyed Mansion and they quit. Enter The Famous Groovy Goolies to help out.

Vertigo Staircase In Boo -Avery eccentric carpenter artist ghost from Phantom Manor comesDisneyWorld to redecorate TheGothic Haunted Mansion -andthe rest of the park as well.

Spooky Little Rascals - Steven W. Warlock tells The Origins of how and his pal Frankiestein got jobs at The Haunted Mansion. This is an homage to Hal Roach's Little Rascals. Watch for other cameo appearances by other familar TV favorites in the story too.